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Happy New Year!

The Wendigo's Wind kennel wishes you all a happy new year full of amazing time with your dogs! The dogs on the video are Pink Panther at WW "Kida", Sexy Surprise at WW "Nova" and Zoom to the Zenith at WW "Nukka".

01.12.2020 – A2 litter is here!

The A2 litter has arrived! 3 females and 2 males have born, all puppies and mom are doing fine. All puppies are reserved at the moment. American Pie at Wendigo's Wind - black tri female Adamantium at Wendigo's Wind - sable merle female Axl Rose at Wndigo's Wind - blue...

23.10.2020. Stifler passed the Herding Working Test

"Stifler" - Road Of The Prankster at Wendigo's Wind and his handler, co-owner and my dear friend Éva Tomity successfully passed the Herding Working Test (HWT) today at Vasad. We are incredibly proud of this wonderful dog! In addition, Stifler and his brother Tigi...

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