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04.09.2021 – Zénó & Mazikeen at the Regional Puller Competition at Fertőszéplak

Zénó (Xtreme Darkness of Love at Wendigo’s Wind) and Mazikeen (Garde de la Vie Hilare) participated in the Regional Puller Compatition held at Fertőszéplak and got some fantastic results!

Zénó got first place in Jumping and became Regional Champion, and 13th place in Running, both in Drive category.

Mazikeen only took part in Running in Beginner category and shared 5th place with another competitor out of 7 dogs. 

Congratulations to both dogs and owners!

26.07.2021 – D2 litter is here

The D2 litter is here!

Out of the pairing of Olaf V’ant Vlassenhout and Pretty Fly at Wendigo’s Wind 5 puppies were born, 4 males and 1 female.

Some puppies are available.

Names will be published soon.


24.07.2021 – Zénó qualified for PULLER World Championship

Zénó (Xtreme Darkness of Love at Wendigo’s Wind) participated  in the Puller competition held at Inárcs.

He’s got first place in Running and became Regional Champion, and third place in Jumping, both in Drive category.With these results they ar qualified to take part in the PULLER World Championship that will be organised in Poland.

Congratulations to him and his owner!!

16.04.2021 – C2 litter is here!

The C2 puppies are born!

Narancs’ first litter was born, 3 healthy puppies resulted from the breeding with Highland Mist of Forestry Farm “Brit” .

All puppies have found their homes.

  • California Orange at Wendigo’s Wind – sable female
  • Chalkydri at Wendigo’s Wind – sable merle male
  • Cerberus at Wendigo’s Wind – black tri female