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19.09.2020 Breeding test Nagykanizsa

We took our youngsters to the breeding test held by the Hungarian Collie, Sheltie, Corgie Breeders Club at Nagykanizsa, we are happy to announce that all of our future hopes got breeding rights!


  • Xtreme Darkness Of Love at Wendigo’s Wind “Zénó”
  • Tsunami at Wendigo’s Wind “Seth”
  • Wishmaster at Wendigo’s Wind “Narancs”
  • Wildest Ninja Warrior at Wendigo’s Wind “Ninja”

2020.09.05. National Dog Show Olomouc

Our beautiful boy Xaro (Xander Cage at Wendigo’s Wind) got some great results on today’s National Dog Show in Olomouc (CZ).

Out of 6 dogs in his class he got CAJC!

Judge was Zdeňka Jílková (CZ) her words for Xaro were “it’s a pleasure to have such a dog …”.

We are really proud of him and his owner!


2020.07.25. Club show KCHMPP Mikulov

Nafta’s son and Misu’s brother participated in his first ever dog show with amazing results  ⬇️

25.07.2020 – Club show KCHMPP Mikulov

❤️ Xander Cage at Wendigo’s Wind “Xaro” ❤️
(Alderaan In The Name Of Love x Original Prankster at Wendigo’s Wind)

‼️ Junior class (8) – Ex.1, CAJC, BOJ ‼️

Judge: Otakar Vondrouš (CZ)

2020.06.20-21. Pápa 2 x CACIB

First dog show after COVID and we came home with wonderful results:


LeClway Catch A Dream “ Madly “  got very promising I. in minor puppy class 🧡

Xtreme Darkness Of Love at Wendigo’s Wind got excellent II. in junior class 💙


LeClway Catch A Dream “ Madly “  won her class again 🧡

Xtreme Darkness Of Love at Wendigo’s Wind got excellent I. and HPJ in junior class 💙

I cound’t be more proud of them! 🥰

2018.07.14 – Szombathely CACIB

Tigi (Radical Roots at Wendigo’s Wind) was CAC, CACIB aaaaand Best Of Breed!!! 😍 (out of 37 dogs)

Nafta (Original Prankster at Wendigo’s Wind) & Tigi:

Best Dog Pair III. place!!!

Nafta & Tigi & Daenerys (Thunderstruck at WW)

Best Breeding Group II. place!!!!

Congrats to all winners! ❤️

Many thanks for the judges and for our friends 😍