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2020.07.25. Club show KCHMPP Mikulov

Nafta’s son and Misu’s brother participated in his first ever dog show with amazing results  ⬇️

25.07.2020 – Club show KCHMPP Mikulov

❤️ Xander Cage at Wendigo’s Wind “Xaro” ❤️
(Alderaan In The Name Of Love x Original Prankster at Wendigo’s Wind)

‼️ Junior class (8) – Ex.1, CAJC, BOJ ‼️

Judge: Otakar Vondrouš (CZ)

2020.06.20-21. Pápa 2 x CACIB

First dog show after COVID and we came home with wonderful results:


LeClway Catch A Dream “ Madly “  got very promising I. in minor puppy class 🧡

Xtreme Darkness Of Love at Wendigo’s Wind got excellent II. in junior class 💙


LeClway Catch A Dream “ Madly “  won her class again 🧡

Xtreme Darkness Of Love at Wendigo’s Wind got excellent I. and HPJ in junior class 💙

I cound’t be more proud of them! 🥰

2018.07.14 – Szombathely CACIB

Szombathely CACIB & CAC show 


Tigi (Radical Roots at Wendigo’s Wind) was CAC, CACIB aaaaand Best Of Breed!!! 😍 (out of 37 dogs)

Nafta (Original Prankster at Wendigo’s Wind) & Tigi:

Best Dog Pair III. place!!!

Nafta & Tigi & Daenerys (Thunderstruck at WW)

Best Breeding Group II. place!!!!

Congrats to all winners! ❤️

Many thanks for the judges and for our friends 😍